Got a late Christmas present today Can t wait to get it on the bike Video to...


Got a late Christmas present today. Can't wait to get it on the bike. Video to come

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  • Love mine.

  • Yep love mine too. You'll love the sound.

  • Check that bracket where it bends. Mine broke there and I had to get it welded. It's lasted longer since then.

  • Just got mine today too.. Question is.. Baffle or no baffle... Guess I'll try both to see what I prefer.. Im gonna guess no baffle.

  • I find it gravy with the baffle in. Loud enough for me. I wasn't able to take mine out but I bet it won't sound as good.

  • Sweet! Easy money then. Thanks

  • Backfires or nah...

  • Yes, decel backfires.

  • Damn...

  • If you go without a baffle you might as week get a low and mean mega phone for $90

  • The only difference I can tell without the baffle is that it's a little higher pitched. Sounds better with the baffle IMO. Just as loud as without and it's deeper. But yeah, definitely decel pops. But I think any pipe you put on it that significantly reduces back pressure is going to back fire. Have to do Ivan's flash, or a fuel controller to get rid of that.

  • Thanks man.

  • Any ideas on the best on the market?

  • What is Ivan's flash?

  • Nevermind I googled it