Got it all completed It ll run but runs wide open Run away all hoses are...


Got it all completed. It'll run but runs wide open. [Run away] all hoses are correct. What would cause this? 82 yt175j

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  • I had the same problem. The needle is gone in the carb.. just figured that out tonight actually haha

  • The gas is just flowing through.

  • If you can roll start it and it runs good but wont idle and if you keep on the throttle and the revs shoot up its the needle and seat

  • Got my carb cleaned and he told me i needed a new needle.. there wasnt even one in there infact.

  • Well I know mines there. Lol. I'm not sure what it is. Just have to dig back into it I guess

  • Might as well if its not what i said.

  • Yes all stock

  • I tried going back with everything stock

  • Won't do any good to spray wd 40 it's already running full throttle

  • Must be them REEDS

    that messed with .

    4 strokes don't like that

    Get a manual

    Fix it right

    Quit guessing