Got my dyno s max torque 112. 57 max power 85. 3 why do sport bikes get to 150


Got my dyno #s max torque 112.57 @max power 85.3 why do sport bikes get to 150

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  • Is that stock? Mine pulled 119 and 89 last summer with only a 2-1 exhaust mod

  • Vance and Hines big radius 2 into 1 with cobra fi2000r

  • Different dynos i guess

  • HP is the amount of work that an engine can perform in a given amount of time. Sport bikes make more power with less displacement due to the fact that they typically have more pistons moving through short-strokes, which equals a lot more work happening in less time. Conversely, our big-ass pistons have a longer distance to travel, which is why we make gobs of torque down low, but HP tapers off at higher revolutions.

  • This is tru Luke Ayd but with that said the vmax is almost as many cc as the raider (1649 cc v twin)

  • Vmax is v4 4 cylinder.

  • I stand corrected's bad ass i know that

  • Did they just dyno it to see your numbers

  • I want a custom map for mine

  • Custom maps are ok for bar hoppers in my opinion but if you ride in the mountains (differing altitudes) unless it was tuned to that altitude it will run like shit...a f2000r will adjust it accordingly...if ya just looking for hp and torque custom map is the way to go..ya better know whos doing it or don't be surprised if you don't have engine failure