Got my throttle kit today

Got my throttle kit today!!!!!!

  • Bad decision every time you turn your going to be blipping the throttle

  • Well if I have any trouble with it I can always go back to the thumb throttle.but I never had any problems with twist throttle

  • Just giving you a heads up man incase you go straight into trails and end up hitting a tree lol

  • I appreciate gonna get used to it before I hit the trails

  • I prefer twist throttle

  • If you learn to master the twist throttle you will find it will be easier to control and less stress on your thumb.

    Admittedly you are going to have a few hairy moments when learning, but once mastered you will never go back to a thumb throttle.

    Adopt a wrist low technique and use bar plugs that extend beyond the twister to stabilise your fingers.

    I have used twisters on every quad I owned with no problems at all.

  • Lemme get that thumb throttle I hate my twist shit

  • Twist is the only way to go in my opinion. Lady tried to talk me out of my twist throttle when I was ordering it saying it's dangerous blah blah blah I just laughed had a twist on everything since I was a kid and have never had and my issues

  • Sorry I'm gonna keep it for a spare.never know I might need it one day

  • I prefer the twist throttle myself

  • i switched to twist ill never go back.. thumb throttle is hard on my hands. maybe because im short its hard to keep it wide open going up hill and turning left

  • If you ride bikes it's the same my brother had a twist throttle on his took it off the next day but that was before he got into bigger bikes if ride bikes too no difference if u only ride quads it can get away from you if your not used to it but test the waters do a couple wheelies, straight jumps with no trees around if you can hit a whoop section a couple of times to see if you like it before actually going riden with your buddy's don't wanna rear end somebody

  • That's what I it!

  • What Del is talking about is when you go to a twist on a quad you have to get used to not accidentally over throttling in turns.

    I'm not saying it's a bad idea, probably a good idea, but in no way will it operate like a bike. You lean a bike more than your turn the bars.

  • Tempted to have a go of one

  • To an unseasoned rider possibly