Got my work cut out for me these just arrived


Got my work cut out for me, these just arrived

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  • These are the 9.5 pullback?

  • I had some Carlini Super Sweeps that I never put on my Warrior that look like this.

  • Says 9",I also have 2" spacers, it will give me about 2" more than what I have now

  • So they are probably exactly like mine. I'm 6'5" and the pullback on these really made my ride alot more laid back and comfortable for me.

  • Maybe I'm strange. I want to do this job but not positive if I'd Like it as much as the stock bar location. The look of the fat bars is sweet though!

  • Here's a good side view

  • Can you give me your specs on those please? I want bars just like that. And am in the market for them now. Thanks

  • Changes the sitting position from a "flying C" to a more up right position. I also added a back rest for the ol mans back.. TOTALLY different feel to the bike. Now I can do LONG hauls!

  • I agree, Ken

  • A tip for the control wires. Go to the hardware store and get some steal, small loop chain to use for fishing the wire through the bars. Use a tiny screw driver to de-pin the stock plugs. Keep in mind you can't goof on the rewire because the wires are color coded. None of them are the same EXCEPT FOR THE BLACK ONES!!! MARK THEM ON BOTH SIDES OF THE PLUG!!!! Other wise you may get the blinkers and horn mixed up.. Then match the plug ends loosely into the mate then inert the matching wire color.. This little paragraph took me 4 days to learn so.. Listen well..

  • Thank uou

  • And to piggyback on Kens comments....vasoline is your friend

  • OH!!! yes yes yes.. some lube will do wonders for the rewire.

  • Stock lines will work even on the 9" but they are at their max. I did a mock up once with the stockers and the lines are tight as banjo strings.

  • Just my .02 cents here but.. if you're going to all the trouble to changes the bars.. go big..

  • Ken Robinson you can turn the wheel all the way with stock lines on 9 in PB's?

  • Yep, I wouldn't recommend it by any means but, yes you have full motion. I do remember the throttle lines had to be loosened too.When you turn the wheel to the max and pull the cables tighter it will cause the motor to rev.

  • Exactly: that's what I would be afraid of going wide open on a full turn "unexpected" THAT would suck. Haha