Gotta have the heat gun to really finish up your graphics install


Gotta have the heat gun to really finish up your graphics install.

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  • Weak mix soapy water sprayed on back of grafix and will side into place and squidgy out water,job done ,no wringles especially doing a yzf

  • Brian Threinen, I laughed my Ass off, when I saw it myself. Hahaha...dirt refined, slightly.

  • Peter Gray, I use the same solution, but to get the vinyl to lay good, especially around tight curves, there's no beating a heat gun.

  • Agree with you on that

  • The soapy solution, makes it easy for sure. To bad, tires didn't go as easily. Lmao

  • How do u get it to stick on gas tank without bubbling?

  • FMF graphics recommend draining your tank, to allow the adhesive to set properly, before being exposed to gasoline vapors. I've never had the patience for that. I've always used a very light mist of water, then squeegee with credit card.

    My final step is to seat the adhesive with the heat gun. I've never had any peel off and very little to no bubbling. Although, all of my graphics have been with the large perforations, not just the tiny slits or teeny holes that I've seen from other manufacturers.

  • thanks...ill give it a try