Gutted Stock Raider Pipes. Stock ECM 2013 Raider S

Gutted Stock Raider Pipes. Stock ECM 2013 Raider S

  • Did you gut yourself? If so how? What tools did you need? Or is there a thread I can follow?

  • I did this myself yes. I wrapped them in masking tape and cut them in a band saw at the same angle as the tips, but just behind the rear baffle plate. After that I took a pair of vise grips and pulled out the guts. They slide right out. As nothing is holding them in once u remove the rear plate. I then took a barrel stone on my Dremel and cleaned the edges of any sharp burrs.

  • I can get some pics of the pipes and then what I removed if you would like.

  • you using a power commander or anything?

  • Nothing. All stock.

  • Running open pipes hurts the performance. Probably already know that but just a heads up

  • It still had plenty of power and I mean plenty of power. I'm still running the catalytic converters of which is more restriction than any aftermarket pipe out there. I will be buying a tuner later down the road but only to see if I can gain a little less deceleration popping and possibly some increased mpg. But this saved me over $600 in pipes.

  • Get Ivans ecu flash and the popping will be gone and you won't have to buy a tuner