Looking for help in this area: anybody raised their handlebar on the Tracer? I'm 180 cm tall and riding while standing would be much more comfortable if I would raise the handlebar by a few cm - 3-5 at most.

Any experience except the super expensive Gilles Tooling accessories riser on the Yamaha Website?

  • Yup got them on mine.

  • SW motech bar risers. You have two types, ones that only move the bars up and are plug an play, and the barback that moves the bar up and back but you need to remove the brake line from its holder on front of the radiator.

  • Could you provide me with specific part numbers? I am a SW-Motech fan but I couldn't find bar risers that will fit the Tracer

  • If you raise the bars you may have to get a longer brakeline. Put the bike on the sidestand and tilt it on the stand so the forks stretch out. Then you can see if the brakeline will be long enough for raising the bars e.g. 30 mm. I don't know about the Tracer, but some bikes have tighter brakelines just long enough.

  • Thanks for the advice!

    I've been told by a sales rep that it should be no issues with raising the Tracer by 30mm, we'll see, I'm a bit concerned about the length of the lines myself

  • The brakeline is probably long enough, but I have to be sure myself ;-)

  • I'll let you know if I'll manage to find one before my trip next week, what's funny is that apparently sw-motech bar risers are hard to get in my country because it takes a week to get them from Germany. That's absurd

  • I bought mines on a motorcycles parts store, and cost €30. Is a universal raiser and didnt need to change any cables.