Guys how to Install Tachometer RPM Meter Set into RX135 5 Speed


Guys, how to Install Tachometer / RPM Meter Set into RX135 5 Speed?

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  • My rpm meter

  • How to make oil lamp ( yellow light) connection.

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  • Connection is not possible for Rx 135

  • Otherwise u have to change entire wiring harness.

  • Krishna Prasad has done for his 100.

  • Install an oil box with level switch. Or drill a hole in the oil box and fit the oil tank lever switch.

    No need for new wiring harness. Supply +12 v from the +very terminal of horn or from neutral light.

    Now there are, 2 wires on the oil level switch. Connect one of them to battery - ve. Take a long piece of wire to connect the other wire of level switch and the oil level light

  • Hope this helps

  • Krishna Prasad sir how u connect the yellow light Please let me know ?

  • Yellow light is not connected... there is no connection In rx100 wiring

  • There is two turn indicator bulbs in Rx series. If u modified to this type. U have to insert the two bulb holders into this yellow indication box.

  • If we change wiring means its then possible ?

  • There is a inbuild electronic oilgage was there in rxz 2T tank.