Guys I have a Yamaha FZS V2. 0 Matt green


Guys I have a Yamaha FZS V2.0 Matt green .

I want to know, how to take care of the Matte finish. I read that we should not use the normal wax polish on this surface as it will fill the imperfections which give the matte surface that distinct look, rather we should use a matte sealant.

Is anyone aware of any such genuine product...available in Bangalore....or for ordering online......??

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  • You can use amway silicone glaze or some reputed car dashboard cleaner

  • Silicon glaze has wax in it.. as per below, matte surfaces should be protected from wax ... =16&t=46059

  • Priyadarshee I wasn't sure of silicon glaze that's why I asked him to try out some dashboard cleaner too..

    I think the dashboard cleaner will do the job effectively