Guys if you plan on working on your blaster engine any get the proper tools


Guys, if you plan on working on your blaster engine any, get the proper tools. Hammer impact for the case screws. A flywheel puller. A clutch tool. The vise grips for holding the flywheel (it has two nubs that stick out on the back side that go into the two holes on the flywheel). A crankcase separater (It bolts on to the left side of the engine and pushes the crank to the right separating the two case halves).

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  • Great post, everyone who wrenches on engines should have these..

  • Yup must haves. I have a brand new Case splitter and a crank remover for sale if anyones interested both are Tusk I believe. I bought 1 of each they sent and charged me for 2 of each. Tried calling to send them in for a refund no luck. PM if anyone is interested.

  • Price?

  • Sorry someone already called it. Pending payment

  • Great post.

    The clutch tool you can easily make with two old clutch plates screwed together...

    The flywheel tool can be made for $10 with a drill, 1/4" bolts and 24" of flat bar

    I use a harmonic balancer puller for splitting cases and removing the crank.

    Also you need torque wrench

    Leak down tester

  • I use one of those things and still get it done properly

  • Nice shop made tools Steve!

  • Only tool I still need is a case splitter/separator and possibly a crank installer. Have Snapon impact driver, MP fw puller, tusk fw/clutch holding vise grips. I don't have the EBC hub tool because the reverse side of the vise grip spanner tool can be used to hold inner clutch hub.

  • in my case, the vise grip spanner tool seems to be a little too thick to fit nicely into the grooves of the inner hub, so the EBC tool works well for me.

  • When I received them I found the same thing but I figd they weren't a very costly investment so I filed them to fit and they work wonderfully now.

  • I've seen that done and considered it but just bought the other tool

  • Right on. I originally bought the tool for use on my CR250R and had a ride planned for the weekend so kinda in a pinch I needed them so resorted to making them fit/work

  • Necessity is the source of invention.....

  • They also help hold gears well. So when torqueing the counter balance gear and output gear on the crank

  • On the CR250R the output shaft sprocket is retained by a bolt. The round pin side works great to hold the sprocket when torquing the bolt to spec

  • I've used it too to hold some blaster sprockets when removing the two bolts on it

  • Right on.. honestly I couldn't remember how the Blaster sprocket is retained because it's been a while since I've wrenched on it. It's still in project stage, just need a few parts and small components to have her whole and running, possibly this spring, have a few projects going on currently