Guys im having really bad temptations. im going tomorrow.


Guys im having really bad temptations.... im going tomorrow. :/

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  • Have not yet..

  • man I wish I could sell my FZ for the high 5's I love her and all but I could def see myself on something else.

    Mark, you are the richest student I have ever E-met lol.

    Kuddos on the sexy buy though.

  • Idk about richest.. just managed my money well for a few years and now have some spending money

  • well richest student I have ever met, also assuming you were not dirty you are the richest non-dirty cop I have ever met to be able to buy a 6k motorcycle than put hella money into it and turn around a few months later and buy a 12k bike. Just amazed is all, kuddos to who ever taught you how to manage your money well..

    I am over here eating ramen noodles for my one meal a day bahaha

  • Seems silly to place offers on shit you haven't test ridden.. Slow down and think about what you're doing.. Just like halfway up this post you said you didn't want a 1000.. Now you're placing offers on 1000's.. I'm not trying to be a dick.. Just sit down and think, sleep on it, whatever you gotta do...

  • light one up and think about it... since you ain't a cop no mas :D

  • I rode my buddies r1 yesterday afternoon at school and loved it. Thats why lol.

  • That makes a bit more sense...

  • And the stance is awesome

  • Agreed. You just gotta realize that r1 will do 100mph in first gear... So just be careful... It's gonna make the fz6r feel super slow