• Had my Tracer since February Just had my first rear tyre change and picked up...

    Had my Tracer since February. Just had my first rear tyre change and picked up my Yamaha panniers yesterday. 2500 miles is not a lot for a rear but i have been riding like a hooligan with the traction control turned off. Its early days but i am impressed with the panniers so far. Rode 70 mile of windy motorway with them on and didn't feel any turbulence.

    Has anyone on here added a tail tidy yet? interested in seeing what the other options would look like.

    Also has anyone looked into re-flashing the ECU to remove the speed limiter. I don't get over 140MPH that often but it still annoys me.


    • What tyre did you put on the rear ?

    • Thought it was only the us model that was restricted?

    • Waiting for the evotech tail tidy to be available, to match evotech crash bungs, spindles front and rear and rad guard. Pricy kit but very nicely made. Looked at the r&g tt but the instructions mentioned that you had to superglue a bit on? Wtf?

    • Looks like some kind of ecu and abs link up. Restrictor on mph / kph in 6th or 5th and 6th.

    • Getting the R&G fitted at first service ... the super glue is for the R&G shroud for the licence plate light thats all :)

    • I have replaced the standard rear with a Road smart 2. I believe its the same tread pattern as the Dunlop Sportmax D222 that was on there but I'm told that the compound is a bit harder so should last a bit longer(we shall see!).

    • My bike is Restricted by the ECU to 139/140MPH in 5th and 6th gear. If i ride it flat out it will hit that not long after changing up into 5th(tested on private roads of course!!).The engine has got the potential for a lot more.

    • I'm looking in to this. I have a bike dyno and from the information I have gleamed if you disconnect the rear abs sensor tiu get full rpm but power is reduced, a kind of get you home mode 75bhp.

    • Cheers Stephen Tyler. keep me posted.