Handlebar vibrations buzzing

Handlebar vibrations/buzzing.

Anyone any positive remedy's for this, I have 1400 miles done, the first service plus recall and these vibrations/buzzing are still numbing my hands within 20 min rides. Have been riding bikes for 30 years and never had such complaint, so I don't think I am holding on to tightly. The clutch leaver has a vibration that can be definitely felt if I lightly put mh fingers on it. Also have noticed now that when in 6'th gear and lightly press my foot up against the gear change a vibration/buzz can be felt.. I have booked in with dealer in a couple of weeks to see if they can fell same vibrations. I have also talked to a couple of people who test rode the demo tracer and where put of buying it by this problem.. Both dealer and Yamaha uk are denying having heard of such problems on tracer. Also have Yamaha heated grips installed by dealer, not sure if these would make a difference. I have a French alps tour starting in July and will probably revert back to my 1998 TDM 850 if I cant get this sorted..

  • I get it in my right hand, every time I ride.

    Just got used to it....

    Wiggle my fingers every few minutes....

  • Try a BMW with a boxer engine then you will think you have St Vitus Dance.

  • On 50 mike commute home tonight I kept in A mode and it was noticeably less vibrationslittle or workable hand numbness. Last 5 mikes I changed back to std and right away notice increase in vibrations and within couple mikes hands were numb, left hand was first to go. Will try tomorrows commute in B mode.

  • Peter, I never had trouble once on my Gs, it's the high frequency vibes that get you, the whole Gs vibrates so it's not an issue, it's called character lol.

  • No neither did I. I never had any problems with my old GS.Good bike.i reckon it handled better then the Tracer. More planted.

  • very likely an unbalanced front tyre, you might have lost a weight especially if it only happens when your "making progress".

  • I have the Yamaha grips,they are great, almost too hot ! They are wired into the display and operated via the menu,nice !

  • What settings have you got them on.

  • I get these vibrations in my left hand generally in std and b mode but not a mode. Bizarrely it happens in the morning only. I have heated grips on order and hope it will be resolved then.

  • I think the vibrations are from the engine i feel buzz on the foot pegs as well. I put the hand guards back on and there is a little less vibration. But with the hand guards comes the head shaking.