happy motomonday everybody. Little bolt still going strong


happy #motomonday everybody. Little bolt still going strong.

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  • Matt Morris

  • How easy is it for you to pop up the bolt?

  • Took a little to figure it out, but once you get it down it becomes easy! Not as easy as a sporty but its doable!

  • Ive wanted to try lol

  • Just practice on a dirt bike as much as possible and take it slow.

  • https://www.instagram.com/p/BD4XL5euDy4/?taken-by= _joey55 otherwise you'll end up like my good buddy here.

  • Poor bolt lol i can ride wheelies on a dirtbike 4 wheeler peddle bike its just the size haha

  • Ive managed to get my front wheel to hop off the ground... Ive never wheelied before. But riding the cspec i wanted to learn. Watched a few videos. But they were teaching on crotch rockets.

    Whats the trick? Pop clutch in first? U cant power throttle it. And for me at about 15-18mph and popping clutch all i can do is get it to hop. :/

    Teach me!!

  • C spec is never really gonna wheelie very well with the low handle bars. I pull them up only going about 6-8 mph. All clutch.

  • Yeah since this post I have been able to pop it up I need bigger bars tho thinking some 10 inch z bars