Happy new shock day

Happy new shock day!

  • Have you got pic of your rusty shock please?

  • Hopefully mine will arrive soon, checked on the status today and it is 'In Progress' so not been rejected, probably a bit of a wait for the part to arrive at Yamaha UK.

  • Hi Michael here is the pics of the standard shock that's covered 4k miles and my dealer changed it without question.

  • Thanks Jon! Which dealer? Will stop acf50ing mine

  • Mine looks the same I'm gonna get it change soon.

  • Below is email I have from Yamaha. They will not replace my shock. I would love it if you guys that had your shock replace under warranty to please send him an email. His email is below. All your help would be very much appreciated. It makes no sense they replace all these shocks but not replacing mine. Please read below and send emails - please and thank you!!!!

    Good morning:

    Gilles forwarded your email to me regarding your shock. I am afraid that corrosion is specifically excluded from warranty consideration in our policy. There are many non-manufacturing related reasons that corrosion occurs and I believe you also had this discussion with Remi at our head-office. We will make a notation in your file and should we receive information that Canadian units will be affected we will issue a bulletin to our dealers and/or a recall.

    The warranty policy is in your owner’s manual but if it has been removed you can view it at:

    http://www.yamaha-motor.ca/ass ets/pdf/products/en/factory_MC .pdf



    Scott Harrison

    Manager, DSSG & Consumer Relations



    480 Gordon Baker Road, Toronto, Ontario, M2H 3B4

    416 498-1911


    Scott_har rison@yamaha-motor.ca

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    From: Chris Penney [mailto:Chris.Penney@andersonmctague.com]

    Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2016 1:49 PM

    To: Gilles Gagne <gilles_gagne@yamaha-motor.ca>

    Subject : RE: FJ09 Rear Shock Replacement

    Hi Gilles,

    My local dealer forwarded your email explaining the warranty.

    Please have a look at the attached word document. This was taken from the FJ09 forum on Facebook. Is there a standard warranty? Why is everyone else having this problem having their shock replaced – without question? Is their warranty any different then mine? It appears that Yamaha is even going by a different part number now for the shock. I got this bike new in June 2015. It has 6400 km and is stored in a heated garage. It has never been driven in the rain. The only moisture it has seen is from washing the bugs off.

    A copy of my warranty was not provided upon purchase – please provide me a copy.

    I had a Honda for 8 years and had it stored the same way…no issues ever.

    I love this bike, but feel the run around over this is quite crazy. This should be replaced no questions asked.

    Look forward to your comments/explanation.



  • Mine originally came from crescent but have had it done by my local Yamaha dealer Blade :-)

  • Chris, there are different rules in different regions, so what is OK in one isn't in another. Those that are having the replacement are, as far as I can tell, all in the EU, each country's Yamaha company is a subsidiary of Yamaha Motors Europe in The Netherlands - so basically what is warranty accepted in say, France, has to be accepted in all EU countries.

    The other thing is that some of the members here were told by Yamaha Japan staff that they would replace corroded shocks. Having said all this though there are cases like you have cited of corrosion being 'one of those things' and it isn't their problem.

    When I took mine in and mentioned I found out about the replacements being done by others online I was dismissed immediately assuming I picked it up from a US site - what happens there doesn't apply here sort of thing. When I said it was UK they then said they'd look into it!