Harbor freight lift on sale now With a wood block it is a great way to work on...


Harbor freight lift on sale now. With a wood block it is a great way to work on trikes with out bending over. Stock trikes will roll right up without a problem. 300 well worth it to save back and fix the things we love to work on. Will Ali's work with four wheelers with two large blocks under the frame to lift off of. Tires are easily taken off with use of a jack. Oh and will work for those two wheeled things also lol.

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  • Not spoiled just work hard for what I got. You will get to this point to. I started of the exact way you are doing it. Took 20 years but I'm going to enjoy it.

  • Lol I'm just messing with you man I almost bought one a while back but my problem is I have no space

  • Drove it right on no problems.

  • Let's weld a plate on back wide enough for the rears! 18 inches by 42

  • I'm going to build remove able sides. I'm loving this thing!

  • Don't pick on bikes bro

  • Right I love my 2 wheeled beast

  • Never rode one I could like. Not enough drive tires lol.

  • How much did u pay 4 it.

  • 300

  • K