Has any of wrapped the two brothers racing pipes


Has any of wrapped the two brothers racing pipes ??

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  • I wrap my pipe. Ask Brian Diaz

  • You have the same ones ?? Picture (?

  • No culero! My pipe! Not

    The one on my bike!

  • Yeah, I wasn't sure how to take that at first! haha

  • Hahaha Joe Gama

  • It's not gonna fix the fucked up dent

  • Be the first Albert, if it doesn't look good remove it

  • Thanks helps alot. Did you cut the shields of .?

  • You should do it and take pictures so you can answer this post when you ask again.

  • Yeah just cut them off and ground them smooth. Wrapped really tight for a clean look

  • Nice work thanks

  • I would not do it you payed for that finish on there if it was black i would say you go for it

  • I don't know why people wrap their pipes the only time you do that is if you're going to have your headers right next to, legs or anything that's in a catch on fire that helps keep them cooler. The kind of looks crappy. There I had to re read it and correct it for the retard that fucking couldn't read it in the first place. You know the shit talker. The tough guy? Ah.

  • That's the nice thing of personalizing your own bike. Do what you want.

  • The only thing that looks crappy is your attitude and your grammar, bud.

  • Yeah, you're tough guy. And he calls me, bud he must think I'm a pretty flower. That's a fag thing to say isn't it? And if people don't like people's opinions, they shouldn't post on here in the first fucking place.

  • He's probably one of those broke back bitches that likes to wrestle with men.

  • You literally still make no sense. Try again.

  • Alot of violence , but the reason why I wanted to wrap them was because I have a dent on them and to much chrome the way I'm painting the bike it's not going to look right. So I'm going to just buy the black ones instead of wrapping them. Erik yes your about people opinion that yours and chase is different as for me is another reason but no need for all this craziness K bitches ??chill ? We cool. We all have bolt so that's what counts . I'll post some pictures up when it's done.