• Has any one fitted a scottoiler to their bike. Any problems

    Has any one ,fitted a scottoiler to their bike ? Any problems?

    • my bike is second hand i bye with 4500km and was instaled i change singal with dual injector but have problem sometime i use blue oil and when motorcycle stay in garage long time in the cable not have oil and when i start long time tot lube the chain till moment when oil go doun again and every time neet go in seting and calibrete for 60 secont to going oil down .. hope you understand me with my english  

      at the moment my moto have 20k km and need new chain

    • I fitted mine. Never fitted one before and it was simple.

      Yeah there's no where to hide it out of site, but equally I don't think it sticks out badly either!

      Can you see it?

    • Coz it is there!

    • I've got the same one. Working perfectly an installed by the dealer at the right side under the seat. Very happy with it.

      The dual injector is not suitable for the Tracer yet. Scott is working on a Tracer specific injector but this will not be on the market before April May 17. The single injector is fine for the Tracer, my chain is oiled perfectly with one drop every 50 seconds.

    • Theres mine, works well.

    • No, but I was advised not to unless you are doing more than 12000 miles a year.

      The mess they create is immense.

    • I have done 4000 km in 2 months and no mess

    • I fitted a Tutoro ChainOiler works nice and a good price

    • Think they can be messy if the flows too much but a lot easier to clean off than sticky chain lube, personally I think they are getting a bit pricey now. As Paul says the Turtoro is worth a look as well and seems to be a lot cheaper than the Scotoiler. I don't think the mileage you do matters other than possibly cheaper to use chain lube if you only do a 1-2 thousand a year.

    • Approx 18,000 miles a year! Needed it!

    • I just asked for them to be fitted included in the price of the bikes, i.e. this is what i want, best price please...... My VFR is a 2001 Fiy and still has the original chain and sprockets..... with virtually no wear, still looks almost new...no tight spots or anything. 2 drops a minute or so is plenty. Any more and it will fling off all over everything.

    • Mine's under the seat too, the pillion seat though