Has anybody cut their stock exhaust with remapping Can I pull the baffle out...


Has anybody cut their stock exhaust with remapping? Can I pull the baffle out with a remap? Or can I cut the muffler in half without remap? Can I cut right after the o2 sensor and still not need a remap? I just want to mod it so I can get bars and forwards then a v&h pipes later on. Thanks in advance guys

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  • I'm gonna wait on intake until I change full exhaust. I just wanna make louder for the time being. Thanks a lot!

  • No worries. Also if you have any other doubts, just YouTube bolt exhaust.

  • I would just get an adjustable fuel contoller personally. That way you can adjust it to any changes you may make to your intake or exhaust. The best deal I found was the cobra fi2000r 92-1775. I found one for $160 online.

  • That's a good idea. Do you think I'd need one do just removing my baffle?

  • Maybe, you would just have to see how it runs after removing it. Either way if it was me I would just do it anyways. It will just run better and help optimize your performance. Also you will avoid that annoying exhaust popping.

  • Well my exhaust pops pretty regularly stock as is. But I ride it hard. I'll do some research. Thanks for the help!

  • I just ordered my fi2000r. I've been running the VH slip on since I bought my bolt last spring. I've used the same controller on previous bikes and it works great for the cost. Most importantly you can adjust it any time according to any changes you may make to your ride. I just modified my intake too so now it really needs more fuel to the mix. I'm excited to install it!

  • Easy installation too.

  • I did not remap and I've went atleast 5k miles

  • And you will hit it as soon as you make it through the outer metal but just grab the end and pull