has anybody installed led turn lights and where you ve placed them i ve...


has anybody installed led-turn-lights? and where you've placed them? i've sucsessful installed them ,backwards at the original place ,forwards at the handlebar below the mirrors... pictures will follows !

%d comments
  • Im currently installing them and im having an issue now with my running light. Good job tho

  • Bar ends

  • now my pictures , the back

  • and the front ....

  • Good job Heinz

  • Do we need any relay box when install any led turn signal? I plan to replace the stock with led as well.

  • you need those relay and change it to the stock item by plug 'n play it's placed under the seat in front of the batterie in the middle left side from the bigger one with the number 1 upside on it ,it' very easy to change !