Has anybody put 10 or 12 inch t bars on their bolt I want to build a club...

Has anybody put 10 or 12 inch t bars on their bolt? I want to build a "club style" bolt. Sorta like a dyna look alike. What about 10 or 12 inch risers with drag bars or tracker bars? The only t bars I've found are 3.5 inch on center and the bolt is a 4 inch. Anybody built any bars? I want 12 inch tbars or risers bar combo with the s&s custom cycle fairing with a custom 2 into 1 straight pipe wrapped. Any help or info is appreciated.

  • Call Shane at S&S Custom Cycles Monday. He will help you out. He knows Bolts inside and out.

  • Alright thank you sir

  • I found a guy on eBay who custom makes t bars for $70 and they seem to be really good quality and you give him the exact dimensions you want and everything, they're the only ones I could find that are 1 inch in diameter to fit the bolt

  • Do you possibly have a link to his page?

  • Thank you!

  • I've heard guys that have done that say the handling /steering is then awefull

  • Ya I heard that too ^ but if you replace the rubber bushings with metal ones then itd stop the flex of the bars