Has anyone adjusted their chain from factory settings


Has anyone adjusted their chain from factory settings?

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  • Dude...... don't ride that thing. lol

  • I see some kinking going on there....

  • Well, i guess i gotta put the money down.

  • oh dang, i've only ever shopped for chains in one place and i just found out that they were amazingly overpriced. If i had known i could get one for 25 bucks i would have had this fixed at the beginning of summer!

    i had my biked basically parked this summer but now I'm single and commuting daily so I've got a lot of maintaining to catch up on. I'm going to knock out this chain and get new break pads, and oil all around this weekend.

  • Read the manual..... In this case it can save your ass.

  • Sometimes saving money on lesser quality parts isn't saving money! Medical deductibles often Cost thousands more than a quality chain, sprockets, and good brake pads. Spend the money buy good stuff... Your body will thank you!

  • I'm not about to cut corners on my bike, i was just surprised to find one so cheap.

  • way ahead of you jeffy poo

  • U should replace the sprockets at the same time as the chain. They wear into each other. I've seen kits but haven't looked yet for this bike. I'd stay with stock gearing but that's me.