Has anyone claimed a cracked case on insurance


Has anyone claimed a cracked case on insurance?

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  • yes, cant remember who but they have. I believe they said they said they told the insurance company they bottomed out pretty hard and that caused it.

  • bolts come loose inside and crack the case, as far as most know it only seems to issue on the 2014 models. They changed the part number on the 2015 and 2016. Dont have any data to back this up just what has been posted on here. I wouldnt worry if you have a 16.

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  • I claimed it on mine. Ended up costing 4000 I just paid 500. Told them I bottomed out real hard

  • My 2015 did it at 200 miles

  • I wouldnt worry, first 15 i have heard , there are people with 2-3k miles on 14s that dont have any problems as well

  • Majority have no problems

  • Lol just wait Copio Garza

  • honestly I've head of no other issues with the Viking besides the case, and never even heard of anyone's before this page and it's still only maybe 10 people who have said it , compared to how many are out there I still say it's good odds and if anything it's the only major thing to prepare for , but to each there own

  • The only issue iv had with mine is the cracked case and the wet clutch. And of course axles