• Has anyone done a hypercharger install on there 1100 If so does it make a big...

    Has anyone done a hypercharger install on there 1100? If so does it make a big difference in power??? Just wondering

    • 04 1100

    • I do as much town riding as I do highway so Im def going to go with a pod kit. Max air has a great pod kit for around 220$. That's cheaper than a hypercharger .

    • Check metric magic or sscustom they both have great pod systems and they will walk u through it if necessary

    • Here is sscustom cycle pricing

    • And metric magic

    • Note that the max air kit has you mess with the float bowls and the others are just re jetting the main and pilot and adjusting the PMS screw.

    • Not sure about you I am not really into messing with the floats and I a great performance increase with the chubby air intake system

    • I think you would have to be doing some serious wide-open throttle racing, to notice any hesitation problems caused from the float levels.

    • Looks like I have a little more research to do before I pull out the credit card.LOL But seriously thanks for all the help guys, until the other day I never even heard about pod kits.

    • A pod kit just puts a filter directly on the intake elbows where the intake box would be. It's the simplest, cheapest, and most effective.