Has anyone done any sort of cam and piston work on their raider Had seen a...

Has anyone done any sort of cam and piston work on their raider? Had seen a while back a raider for sale on on cycle trader that had high compression pistions added. Was just curious what it was worth in the hp/tq dept.

  • Up to you and if you think it's worth it or not. There are only 2 companies I know of that have kits done already....... Blacksmith Motoring and Patrick Racing. Research and see what you find. I've only met one Raider owner with a 120CI kit done. He didn't ride the 113 because the kit was installed when he purchased the bike. So he really has no comparison.

  • You must be talking about Bill on the Raider forum

  • 7ci for what 3g's is it really worth it ?

    Patrick Racing has a turbo kit also.

  • The bike was out of AZ. Had high compression pistions, not over sized. With all the victory and hd up grade cams and pistion psi up grade kits figured there where some out there for the raider. But when it's at 113 thats the reason why there is so much out there for the other bikes.

  • If im not mistaken, I believe this convo has come up before and the majority was leaning towards going with the ecu flash to get the same outcome with a portion of the price

  • Nuff said. Nuff asked.

  • Sorry am an HD owner these days by default. Local stardealer lost sales due to salesman BS. Really like my FLD as the wife is super comfy'ish. But still I want....113".

  • The 113 runs amazing with ecu flash, a good map, pipes, open air and a fuel controller. Not a lot out there IN OUR CLASS that can run with it.

  • Talk to H. Giovanni from Blacksmith or any of their reps. They say they are getting in upwards of 50+ hp from their kits. That's not to shabby. Run that with the flash and your talking one pissed off Raider!

  • I'll have to look into that, 50 more would rock!