Has anyone else had trouble getting v star1100 to start


Has anyone else had trouble getting v star1100 to start

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  • i had the wire connection under the tank loosen off and caused my bike to die.. plugged it back in and haven t had a problem since

  • when you get it running check battery voltage with engine running. stator problems seem to be common with 1100

  • Just do things slowly and don't get ahead of yourself and overlook the actual problem.

    Check all wires and connections to ignition and battery.

    Do the lights and stuff come on

  • Diagnosis is the key. Don't go throwing money at parts you haven't CONFIRMED to be faulty. That gets really expensive REALLY fast.

  • Tell me about got a ignition module for over $200 didn't need it

  • It might be worth the $100 or so to have a pro diagnose it if you're having a hard time isolating the issue. Could save a lot of head and heart ache.

  • If it makes a click sound starter solenoid is fine just not enough power to crank it, could be your starter clutch if it just spins. First clean your msin ground for good connection.

  • The only hard start that I've experienced on my 1100 Classic, was at the Summit of Mt Washington. The air is too thin

  • If you turn on the ignition and have no lights, start at the main fuse, the trace voltage to the input side of the ignition, then turn it on and check the output side of the ignition, then the input of the fuse box, and so fourth up to the control side of the starter relay. The ignition module you bought is way down the line of succession in the starting process. You need a voltmeter to check every connection, switch, fuse, and relay starting at the battery to find your specific problem. With your description on no lights I would concentrate on the battery to ignition switch connections before anything else.

  • Example, place the meter probes on positive and negative terminals of the battery, then positive terminal of battery and the frame, then positive terminal and the motor. Then work to the main fuse.

  • I would personally have a pro look at it. I had a similar issue once and it ended up having to do with the kickstand kill switch, something I never would've figured out on my own probably.

  • Kill switch will still give you lights I think.

  • Yea, I was just pointing out it may not be something obvious and they should get a professional involved to save from randomly throwing money at different parts. I didn't think they were dealing with the same issue, I did have lights.

  • Problem is she was super vague on describing the problem so in my comment I said start at the battery and work toward the ignition before any other circuits.