Has anyone had any long term luck preventing clock reset and improving startup...


Has anyone had any long term luck preventing clock reset and improving startup time(?) by mounting a capacitor as per the connection and installation instructions floating around in various forums? I've replaced the battery and still have the issue on my 2002 BT. Should I just get a separate clock instead? :)

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  • Capacitor should do it.

    The starter pulls so much voltage from the battery that the clock can´t be supplied any longer ...

  • What should the spec of the capacitor be?

  • I placed this document on this page, you can find it in the files/documents

  • Thanks. Did not find it through the mobile first.

  • I can send it bij PM if you want?

  • Hans de Groot thanks but found it now.

  • Simply check the big ground wire (connected to the engine, exactly behind the gear box).

    owners talk about rust on french forum.

    That's why it does a clock reset when you start your engine (and also if your battery is not in good shape!)

  • I bought mine at my local Yamaha dealer

  • I also have this starting issue and it's driving me mad. Do you have any more information about this fix? Can it be done myself, with limited technical ability? I've checked the ground wire and it is secure and not corroded.

  • Have a look at the instructions in the files section of this group Tony McLaughlan. It's not too difficult and I'm about to do it myself. Any bike / car electrician should be able to do this for you in under 30 mins.

  • Thank you Fredrik Börjesson. How or where do I find the files section? It's not a facility that I have used before.

  • Ahhh, I've just been shown where the link is....!!!! I'll have a good look

  • I found it, but unfortunately I can't understand it. I'm sorry, I don't mean to cause offence, but Is there a version in English?