Has anyone had their front brake disks replaced on the tracer at all yet


Has anyone had their front brake disks replaced on the tracer at all yet? Just wondering about the kind of ballpark for the price haha.

I'm taking it to get looked at soon as I've got a problem with mine and no idea how it's happened! Got the bike back from the dealer putting a rear tyre on one day and they mentioned my front brake was dodgy.

Never noticed it before then, but it's definitely got worse since.

At slow speeds you can feel the front brake pulsing on and off if you hold it on. My guess is a bent disk (no idea how that's even happened if so).

Imagining that coupled with the 12k service is going to be rather pricey lol

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  • Someone else said they had a warped disc, which was replaced under warranty.

  • Yep , warranty job .... take it to another dealer if yours don't play ball ... buy and fit yourself otherwise to keep costs down ... simple job ..

  • Had both mine changed under warranty. You say that it appeared after having a tyre changed? I reckon they've bashed the disc and bent it slightly. It doesn't take much to feel it; mine were running out by 0.09mm when clocked with a DTI. Max runout is 0.1mm. Check that the bobbins that allow the disc to float rotate freely too.

  • "Floating disks" should have some freeplay too move a bit sideways. Try knocking on them to see if they are stuck on the rollers. They shouldn't be too tight. You can also put the front on a stand and spin the wheel to see if the discs are bent.

  • 'rear tyre changed'

  • Kevin Jordan and that's the problem with skim-reading! Doh!

  • That's OK - I understand where you lot came from..... https://www.facebook.com/MotorcyclepediaMuseum/?hc _ref=NEWSFEED&fref=nf

  • Kevin Jordan ?

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  • Encyclopaedia-like knowledge? I'll take it as a complement, if that's what you mean!

  • I did have a closer look today on the stand as suggested and you can hear the rubbing as the wheel spins past the same spot each time so I'm fairly sure it is the disk.

    Good to hear people are having them changed under warranty though. Might save a few pennies if it works out!

    Im going to book it in tomorrow for the service and for them to have a look as well. Not been able to escape the house today haha.

    If it is just the disk then I will be fitting it myself if it's not a warranty job. Not paying an extra £80 for the labour on that

  • It's my disc being changed under warranty Richard. 17600 mls. Probably rode it for 2000 mls before getting it looked at. Don't believe it's anything to do with water repellent spray as suggested otherwise all my discs would be warped.