Has anyone here have the D D Power Sports Twin Intake installed on their bike


Has anyone here have the D&D Power Sports Twin Intake installed on their bike?

I'm on the verge of buying + getting the Ivan ECU flash.

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  • Looks like overkill for a Bolt though.

  • You think Emanuel? I was wondering, would this suck more air than the V&H air intake, thus providing more hp? For looks, I think it looks sick!

  • I actually dyno tuned bikes. Whether you are using that set up or a V&H intake the size of the throttle bodies does not change. Therefore the amount of volume entering them is not a great difference. The filter itself is what is going to change the flow. As long as you open up intake and exhaust, the rest can be taking care of with tuning. The Bolt's downfall is its headers. They're small, and not very good choices for 2 into 1 exhaust with decent sized headers. That set up there would be like putting a blower on a Chevy cavalier. There only so much that engine will do without tearing it apart and sowing internal upgrades. Don't get me wrong, I love my Bolt though.

  • Emanuel Ortiz great info.

    LeeI Lee Scott saw that intake in a bike made by walz in the yamaha yard built project

  • EmanuelOrtiz so what you think of leaving the stock airbox but with a k&n filter

  • Yeah, I've seen a few guys modify the stock air box and use the K&N filter. It's a cheap and effective way to open up the intake. Also give the filter better protection.

  • One guy even put some metal mesh in the opening that looked cool too.

  • I am running my Bike with stock airbox without any mod in it, but a k&n filter. I have a cobra fuel controler but havent install it waiting for the slip on. That arrive in this days

  • Yeah I also read that changing the air box won't do a whole bunch. Emanuel, I'm currently looking at pipes now, reading your post makes me think the V&H Twin Slash would be the best choice for this bike?

    Also looking at Ivan's ECU BUT I live in South Africa and I don't think I am willing to risk my ECU floating around our postal system. Only getting Xmas cards now :D

  • I got the Low Mean Dual Barrell intake. But that one looks really good too. I don't have any idea about the performance.