Has anyone ran against a vrod How did you stand against it Buddy just bought...


Has anyone ran against a vrod. How did you stand against it. Buddy just bought one and wants to run me.

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  • Weird how they have more HP than torque for a 1250cc vtwin. I believe they are 118hp/86tq?

  • Remember the v rod is a sport bike not a cruiser. Double overhead cams, higher rpm's, etc. They really should stomp us...but they don't. Put them up against the v max. More the same. See what happens.

  • I had a Vrod friend take my bike out. He came back all he could say was, Damn that's fast!

  • I raced a buddy on his V-Rod Muscle 2 times from a roll and he drug me both time. Then we went from a dig and it was all Raider all the way. If your a better rider than your friend or just really good rider go from a dig.

  • Harley couldn't finish that engine on their own they had a lot of problems including overheating... From what I hear they hired Porsche to help them finish it...

  • You get more bang for your buck by doing the heads and a couple other things.

  • 120 kit numbers and performance are not that impressive if that motor still isn't breathing right.

  • The Yamaha heads are not the best. They benefit from a flow bench immensely. While you have them off, match the intake and exhaust manifolds and polish them up, and radius the L on that rear exhaust manifold. The smoother, quicker, easier you can get the most amount of air into your motor, the better it'll run. The injectors will keep up just fine with a good programmer and load.

  • Getting the heads done is around a grand, total from any legit race shop with the right tools. Or there is a bike race shop in Florida that specializes in HD drag racing but has done some Yamaha heads too. High quality work.

  • My husband has one. Smokes me every time