Has anyone reflashed their ecu. Is there much unhidden power


Has anyone reflashed their ecu? Is there much unhidden power?

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  • I have 400 extra rwd power...jk lol camt be to many like 5-10

  • finally got the unrestrictor, such a big difference

  • just wondering because on the mt09 apparently there is a massive difference

  • Well hell yea mt09 is a beast that big 3 cly our bikes are not race bikes at all but that 09 will party

  • hahah the inline 4 sounds better though

  • ....idk about that i think im into the 3

  • well it's definitely better than the 2

  • PCV on Marthy tune is good for nearly 10 at the crank if I remember correctly. If you really want to unlock the potential you need FZ6 cams.

  • The flaw is every plug and play "tuner" (PCV, Juice Box, etc) does not change ignition timing, only fuel. This is where I feel the biggest potential in power would be.

    I also am not a fan of the 4* mod because it changes the timing across the whole bike and I do not know if our knock sensor pulls timing or not.

  • I'm sure a full standalone and tune would run as much as a 1990s R6 or R1 and wouldn't go as fast. Is there potential, absolutely. However most people wouldn't go through all that work.

  • I very seriously thought about going full stand alone.

    It wouldn't be too bad considering I would do everything myself. But is it really worth the effort just to say I did it? I'm not sure.

    Honestly my biggest hang up (I had the bike wiring diagram and the stand alone diagram labeled together) was I had no base timing map. It would take some serious time to get it right. Lol

  • Exactly ^^