Has anyone removed the baffles from the stock pipes I drilled them and punched...


Has anyone removed the baffles from the stock pipes? I drilled them and punched out the center 1" flap last year. Its sounds good. Well the wife and I want to go louder but trying to tell her I need $1300 for pipes and a tuner doesn't go over very well. I am curious what does it sound like and will I need a tuner as I will be leaving the catalytic Converter alone. I did this on my 2010 650 Vstar and it ran good and and sounded great at idle and low speeds and no jets needed.. looking for serious opinions not smart-ass comments... Thanks

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  • If u want loud get a tuner and a set of warlord cannons.....they are obnoxiously loud without baffles but remember your gonna lose torque with no baffles!!!!!!

  • Freedom have a great sound cruising easy and awesome sound when you hammer it. I love the scr over the cobra swepts my bike came with.

  • Tuner? I got freedom pipes no tuner and definitely didn't spend 1300.00 I think it was like 650

  • UPDATE* I got a set of stock Mufflers off my buddy and I took them in to my Shop to get slash cut just behind the baffle. I then pulled the guts out. I have them installed and wow is it loud. Sounds pretty good other then a few decel pops. I am going to run them for a bit and check my plugs and see if everything is good. I did notice a Lil lag in the bike but it has so much power it still would eat up a Harley.

  • Keep in mind I am still running the cats on the bike.

  • My thoughts were the same about the loss of low end.

  • U check your plugs yet Ken Alex

  • Yup. They looked normal. But I probably only have 1500 miles max since I did the exhaust.

  • Ken does your bike seem to run hotter than usual? Just curious as when I got home from a short trip. The headers where just a singing away. Lol

  • I've never noticed. I usually get off it and start dancing.