• Has anyone swapped out the vacuum assist petcock on their 360 for a standard...

    Has anyone swapped out the vacuum assist petcock on their 360 for a standard one?

    • Ahh Mike Kristin you know all the fun :) Go for it, find an XS650 one or similar on ebay, it'd be easy enough to make up an adaptor plate if the new one is smaller.

    • I have a RD350 that is manual. I wonder if that will work for an XS.

    • Josh Bohman that's kinda my problem all the resources don't really talk about size patterns

    • As long as the new one is smaller length wise and about the same width then the adaptor plate is a bit of ally with 3 holes in - no welding required, easy fab with a cornflake packet template.

    • you can modify the vacuumassisted to a standart one, if you are able to understand german, read here, but use something that can resist the petrol to fill the gaps...:

      http://xs400.net/wb/pages/tech nik-faq/vergaser-und-benzinzuf uhr/benzinhahnumbau-ohne-unter drucksteuerung-von-oelfuss.php

      the other option is, to make an adapter like this:

      http://xs400.net/wb/media/faq_ beitraege_bilder/Benzinhahn_Ge rd/XS400_Benzinhahnadapter_tec h_Zeich_Gerd.jpg

      http://xs400.net/wb/media/faq_be itraege_bilder/Benzinhahn_Gerd/XS400_Benzinhahnada pter_Bild_1.jpg

      http://xs400.net/wb/media/faq_ beitraege_bilder/Benzinhahn_Ge rd/XS400_Benzinhahnadapter_Bil d_2.jpg

    • The one I want to switch is on my dad's '81, but I bought a '78 with a good petcock, so may put mine on his. I think I might put a peanut on the '78 and hard tail it.

    • Mike Kristin, there may be something on the xs400.com forums. I know I've seen this issue addressed somewhere.

    • This is what I did with mine it's a xs400 with a Harley tank and a brass petcock.