Has anyone tried raising the compression of their engine by removing the head...


Has anyone tried raising the compression of their engine by removing the head gasket and using a copper paste gasket sealer?

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  • Doubt it would hold.

  • I don't use a copper gasket I use a O-ring it sealed pretty good no leaks good compression

  • Just mill the head, really opens up the motor, crazy difference after doing that to my IT200

  • Did brak mod your head for that? That sounds like a good idea

  • Nichelle Middaugh, did you have a groove machined in the head? How does the o ring stay centered?

  • Yep he did and he,has a o ringed head on his yz 490 too

  • Yep had a grove made in my head my bf did it

  • How much do I need to mill off ?

  • I'll tell you later today when my dad gets off work, he did it like 5 years ago so I forgot haha

  • Ok, thanks. I have two and one is going to be a hot rod.

  • it must have hurt!!??

  • (the groove in your head)

  • I have yz/IT, and ty 250 engines here. They all use what looks like the same head gasket...until I measured the thickness....044" all the way down to .029"....TY, then IT, then YZ...

  • Of course, one must have access to a mill or lathe to do this... which I don't. I used to mill heads in high school metal shop... we chucked them in the lathe and did it at very low speed. You want to take off just a little at a time.. try .010" first. (ten thousandths of an inch) Since it is very easy to take a two stroke head off and on.. I would try a little at a time, and if .010 doesn't do much.... pull it off and try another .010

  • Doug Fergus I had my buddy do it for 15$ he has a machine that does it being he has a atv shop

  • How much did he take off?

  • Doug Fergus I honestly forgot but I'm pretty sure it was twenty thousandths of an inch

  • It opened it up big time

  • Ok thanks. My friend has a machine shop. Sounds like a plan.

  • John, before doing any machining check the squish and go from there .040-.050 would be good, then make a decision on what you want to do.

  • can a 400 mx gasket worl on a 400 it and raise the compression?

  • use calipers to measure the thickness of each... use the thinner of the two gaskets... easy. If you don't have a caliper.. buy one at a hardware store or online. You should have one.. you'll find lots of uses and wonder how you got along without one.

  • Here's what I ment jack asses...

  • Very nice job.. and a great idea.

  • I'll have that checked too, thanks.