Has anyone try put a cr500 motor in a Yamaha warrior frame


Has anyone try put a cr500 motor in a Yamaha warrior frame

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  • Yea they are with the cr500 motor everyone I know that have done it didn't ride it much bc they will shake your hands off the bars just about

  • That's mine @ Josh Diakoni. It felt like 2- 6" palm sanders I your hands. Lol this was an 85 cr 500.

  • It was a good time while I

    had it in there Josh Diakoni.

  • I was thinking about changing the sprockets on it where's there's more top end power

  • Rhino line the frame. Should help a lot with vibration. May weigh s little more than necessary but with that power you'd still be sailing!!!

  • No need. It's a beast of a moter.

  • The warrior frame is a little bulky and was kind of wide. The 250r frame is the better fit by far I'm sure. I had made a custom kick starter, it wasn't ideal but it worked for the time I ran this . Note warriors suspension are also not ideal for extreme conditions.

  • I tossed a 490 smoker in one..

    It wasn't to hard.

  • Stick it in a banshee

  • Find a 400ex with a blown motor, and chuck in there..

    I wish I woulda found something better to toss that 490 into, but it was still fun.

  • It can be done.... It be tons power and be fun as hell..... I would do it and have a professional weilder do all my fab work.

    Now everybody complaining about vibrations.... Ive always heard send the crank off to have it trued in or sum shit.... There was a tecate 3 k5 conversation and he said sumthin about vibration being worst whem he first did it then he said he sent crank off and ir trued in and vibration is alot less gone and feels like a 250 2stroke vibration.... Who knows there is always ways to make vibration decrease... Rubber bushings on the mounts or sumthin.... All the small ways to decrease vibration then do big stuff to decrease vibration to and youll be good.... To me if your worried about vibration and breaking mounts.... My advice dont touch or think about motor swapping anything if u dont have the proper machines and weilders and skills and knowledge to do this...... Motor swapping / back woods rigging dont make a perfect match at all.

  • What is a Tecate 3 k5? I know what a Tecate is but what's the k5?

    Built a Tecate 4 engine rather. It's counter balanced. Or use the bottom end and get a kx 250 top end and have that bored ported etc.

  • Vibration will always be an issue with big bore 2 strokes.

    Rubber mounts are not the answer though, they can actually amplify them. Using a solid mount, and looking into things like anti vibe stems is the only answer.

    I filled my frame with expanding foam. All my mounts were solid!

    The vibes weren't actually all that bad.

  • I had to fab a few things.

    Get a custom kicker shaft made, and fab a steady bearing for it. But other than that it was pretty straight forward.

  • Matt Talbot what size motor is that

  • Looks like a 490

  • It's a first gen 490.

  • Hows it ride? Matt Talbot

  • It was way lighter!

    The powerband was retardedly unpredictable.

    It would pull the front tires really easy.. I wish I could have put more money into it, but came across hard times last Christmas, and had to sell it.

  • Damn if u were closer id definitely have got it from u

  • Yes it was a sad day. I poured my heart into building that beast!! :/

  • I bet it looks like a nice one man

  • I used a TRX250r pipe on it to.. It fit the frame almost perfect. I made a custom head pipe for it, but it really needed more bracing for the exhaust.

    But it was easy on the eyes.. lol

  • I made that video for the guy that bought it. He wanted proof that it ran.. lol

  • Holy shit thats awesome... I wounder were it is man

  • No idea?

    I lost contact with the guy that bought it..

  • Dam id tried to keep up with it

  • I tried, but he wasn't really interested in selling it back to me anyway.. I'll build something else one day.

  • Hell yea

  • Can I put 660 shocks on a warrior

  • Sounds like the rear only.

  • That's what I thought too

  • Trx450r frame, cr500 motor.