Has anyone upgraded their sprockets on their fz6r I m looking to do my chain...


Has anyone upgraded their sprockets on their fz6r? I'm looking to do my chain soon so I figured do the sprockets while I'm there. I read recently adding a 15 tooth front sprocket instead of the stock 14 will add a better highway experience. Any input would be great.

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  • Stay stock... Always swap sprockets with chains. It'll destroy your new chain. I went down a tooth in the rear due to lack of parts and got stuck 150 miles from home. Stay stock for sure.

  • I tried -1 in the front and +1 in the rear but found it to be too short.

    Now running -1/-3 and it's the equivalent of +1 in the front

  • If you read, o.p is talking about changing his sprockets while changing the chain

  • I understand that. And I was suggesting he stay stock.

  • Anything you do will be a trade-off. In the last year I changed chain and sprockets with OEM stock and still find even 75-80MPH freeway speeds are comfortable in the 6500-6800 RPM range. I'm in the low end of the useful power band there and actually like it since I can hammer the throttle to 8500RPM without shifting and gain a good 20MPH if I need to.

  • Stock front is 16t

  • For lower rpm stay stock rear and go 17t front.. lower highway rpm and actually makes speedo more accurate

  • Speedometer becomes accurate, but odometer becomes less. It's odd how they programmed the cluster.

  • Thanks for your help guys