Has anyone worked out a solid solution for the speed wobble over a ton


Has anyone worked out a solid solution for the speed wobble over a ton? Just been out for a short blast in slightly windy conditions. I found that the head shake was worse in A mode under hard acceleration. Even under a ton it was bad especially when firing out of roundabout type corners. (Obviously I was on a mates airfield and not on the road)

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  • Kev are the connectors you ordered to fit the original yamaha conector or are they just a standard connector you found and will remove the yamaha one's?

  • I've found if I lean forward the wobble stops

  • Two combined options to fix this issue.

    Get yourself to over 6" 3' tall and second a fraction over 19 stone. :-)

    No wobble or light feeling at any speed nor when powering out of roundabouts.

    Seriously reset the suspension

    Slacken rear preload out 1 click, set the spring compression to you weight and play with the front 1 turn in or out at a time.

    Surprised most people don't set the spring compression first to suit weight and to get the right sag.

  • As previously posted, GPR

    steering damper for £450 works.

  • Personally, I'd spend more time getting the suspension setup correctly to suite the rider and the type of riding you do. The settings direct from Yamaha are on the stiff side, for most riders. If you don't know how to setup your suspension then take it to a pro to help you, not your dealer. I can recommend MCT as I've had them rebuild suspension on other bikes and its all they do. They are amazing, and its still cheaper than buying a damper. If you've got your suspension setup and you still find it twitchy, then buy a damper. Don't buy a damper as your first solution as you're just masking a bad setup.

  • I agree about trying mct for setup in general, have previously used them myself. Not sure about them curing the stability. Regarding the gpr, there is an awful lot of info on the fj forum which confirms its value. Worth a look at. For me, its your riding position that matters most. Have ridden 2 tracers, the demo with touring screen and no handguards which wobbled and my own which has been as steady as a rock..screen on low and sat more forward. Weird one.

  • Its not a twitch, its instability.

  • At ton plus.

  • Could be the handguards. I will change my setup to rizoma levers grips GP style finger guards, lower rise bar and a very short screen...:)

  • And mine doesnt do it!!!