Has arrived


Has arrived!!!!!

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  • Wait.. what is that majestic creature?

  • Who makes that helmet?

  • Cool helmet

    What brand?

    Ride safe brother

  • Thanks dude. Your gonna get 20 questions asking the same thing. Ha

  • Custom paint?

  • That metal flake YES

  • Special edition biltwell.

  • Biltwell.

  • What shield is that?

  • Looks flat and has leather trim.

  • DOT amd Snell seals of approval??

  • Someone said it was a bubble shield. I think they removed the comment, as I dont see it. What shield is it? Looks great

  • I pmed you man gotta go look in the special folder bc we ain't friends. I'm gonna be "that guy" cause it's relatively new and not share with the world so I can be original for a while.

  • www.retrobikegear.com/equilibrialist-knox-maska -visor-for-gringo-helmets-black-tinted/