Have a 2015 sx210 Stern drain plug is stuck and I ve just about torn the...


Have a 2015 sx210. Stern drain plug is stuck and I've just about torn the plastic u use to turn the plug completely off. Any one know if I can just remove the two screws that appear to attach the plug unit to the boat and replace? There is usually water that needs to be drained. What damage could be done if left in there for a week or so?

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  • Think he is talki. About the drain plug not the clean out plugs

  • He's taking about the cheap ass drain plug. There are people that have replaced it with a brass plug. You can look on YouTube or the other jetboat site for more details. I swapped my broken plug out from the ski locker, but they are still fragile.

  • Oh...lmao...my bad....use one from ski locker or fuel drain...I leave all mine out but the stern. The "extras" are kept in zip lock with some lube as spare stern drain plugs....I'm deleting my previous comments lol

  • I have all of mine out except the main drain plug, and I changed it to brass

  • You have a few choices, if you are using the boat in the next few days, just leave it alone. Having a little water in the bilge won't hurt anything.

    When you are ready to fix it, then you can either take out the two screws and replace the entire assembly (Preferably with a brass one). You will need some good 5200 or 5300 sealant when you put the new one back in.

    Or you can try hammering a big sharp flathead screwdriver into the remains of the old plastic plug and removing it that way. Then you will need to purchase a replacement plug (assuming you didn't mess up the threads on the outer piece in the process. )

    I personally replaced mine with brass, so that would be my recommendation.

  • Yes so cheap I ripped the lame plastic flange almost completely off. It rip all the way if I keep trying to unscrew.

  • Yes drain plug not clean outs

  • Thanks. I think my order of operations will be Amazon a replacement, enjoy river next weekend, try the screwdriver move, if doesn't work take out the entire assembly and replace with brass. Thanks all.

  • I did the same thing. Used channel lock pliers to get it loose, then swapped it for the ski locker plug. I think I'm going to upgrade to brass as well soon tho.

  • That's what I have much better