Have a happy safe 4th of July everybody


Have a happy & safe 4th of July everybody!

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  • Av just put the shorty on my 03 made a lot of difference to the power

  • Is the Star-Spangled Banner playing yet!

  • The braaap spangled banner!

  • Wonder how many of us here in this group are:

    1. FMF

    2. Pro Circuit

    3. Stock

    4. DEP

    5. Scalvini

    6. DRD

    7. HGS

    8. Bill's

    9. Akrapovic

    10. Others

    pipe owners....

  • I had a full FMF system until I smashed my pipe when I crashed last year. Getting another soon. I've always had FMF on all my machines. CR125, RM125, YZ250, Banshee

  • Have had an FMF Rev and Shorty (YZ125), FMF Fatty for the YZ250 that I just sold off, a DEP pipe that stayed with me for the last 5 years until I gave it to a friend for his 02 YZ250, now on a FMF Gnarly and Powercore 2, aside from the ever-trusted pipe through the years - the stock pipe....

    Thinking of a Pro Circuit pipe in the recent times

  • Which pipe would you recommend Kiko Sanchez I am looking at a bill's pipe but might go back to pro circuit

  • Honestly Dave (David), i don't know.... But should you insist buddy, based only on personal experience, i might be forced to say "the stock pipe" is all you need....

    I'm no MX rider, just an ordinary trail rider perhaps why i still prefer the stocker pipe