Have been selling spares for almost 2 yrs now


Have been selling spares for almost 2 yrs now !

Made very good friend's and met some really nice people

All thanks to the forum and admin Surya Dk and sriram Anna :)

Each and everyone who has bought spares from me can comment!

Both good and bad things

So that I can see what lacks and can improve :)

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  • To some fake accounts without identify and trying to defame the reputed loyal sellers

    These pics itself will say alot

    No explanations required

  • Savin Nayak, yeah dtdc is fucking indian customers,,, but wat can be done, some buyers are very skeptical about indiapost and urge to send by dtdc etc.

    Me too soon will make a strict policy to ship by indiapost,,, it's beneficial to both buyers and sellers.

  • Speed post is way too cheap

    If weight is more and more

    The price goes on decreasing

  • True that.

  • Never be worried abt fake identity spammers or defamation experts,, they'll all vanish eventually.

  • Yes and they did

  • See the ratio of dtdc vs indiapost in my shipments , lol. Indiapost too less, soon it will increase gradually.

    Initially i used to throw shipment slips after getting a picture, later i realized how much value they got...

    Preserving them since last 5 months.

  • AJ styles, lol

  • I throw nowadays after the customer recieves it

    India post i'l always will have 50+ shipments every week

  • Days are not too far for you to be one of the best in India..

    There is still love and craze in 2 stokes coz of you like people Savin Nayak

    All the best and please keep in touch

  • I dint buy any spares from u till now ..

    But insha allah!! I will buy soon