Having spent the afternoon yesterday fitting new hoses I spent a lot of time up...


Having spent the afternoon yesterday fitting new hoses I spent a lot of time up close and personal with the bike.

Perhaps they need a little more TLC from me but after only 2 months and 2800 miles I'd expect them to be "clearer" than they are now.

Anyone else noted how quickly the fairing nuts and bolts start to look corroded?

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  • Not cleaned her yet..only done 600 miles..first service is on Thursday. Wonder what courtesy bike I will get!

  • My first clean was 600 miles :-) and it needed it!

    There's always hope of a R1.....

  • I noticed the inner of both brake discs seem to be staining up pretty quickly.

  • Still be a fair bit of salt hanging about , not been a massive amount of rain to wash it away , and let's be honest , they've put this out for very keen money so some of the fixings will be cheap end , just hope the important stuff is made to last , im booked in for service on Tuesday , told them I'd better get the tracer demo

  • Just thought , my neighbour always attacks his bike with a leaf blower after a clean , gets rid of all that nasty water sitting in the nooks and crannies .....

  • Ohh like that idea. Could well be the case. Been riding mine hard since March, all over the UK in all weather so yeah it'll have sat wet for a while.

    I said yesterday, after I fitted my hoses "well I can see where the 8 grand price tag came from"

  • I can see me going silly with mine , full anodized set of nuts , bolts screws , like we did back in the eighties , coloured chain blah blah blah ! Seriously tho will prob look at a full stainless fixing kit ....

  • Service, then clean then acf50! Next week. Promise.

  • Loan bike from Flitwick will be this :-(

  • I'm off to wash all 5 bikes now in the rain and then use the blower to drive all the water off. A blower is a good idea