I can not fire up your Yamaha XS 400 after standing for winter run it in normal teeth fired what to do ? charged battery

  • Have you got fresh fuel? Some petrol gets old and stale.

  • is it turning and not firering up? or nothing happening?

  • Filling-fuel is a new .a can hear the little revolves and bring out his teeth missing

  • and what do you think basically over the sale for 2500 xs400 £ 12 dohc?

  • what about kickstart?

  • I do not have only kickstart electric start

  • and the starter can be heard from far but very little lacking teeth to bring out the battery fully charged again

  • spróbuj wyczyścić gaźniki, u mnie to pomogło :)

  • Sebatan Mędykowki odpalil ale zalal paiwem caly filtr powietrza i paliwo z tamtd cieknie jak odpali a jak nie odpalony to nie wycieka co moze byc przyczyna ?

  • vbut to bring out paiwem flooded the entire air filter and fuel from leaking tamtd as fires and how not fired it does not leak what can be the reason?