Hello everyone. I hope all are doing well. I need to vent


Hello everyone! I hope all are doing well. I need to vent.

I was out and about this afternoon on the grey lady and I decided to stop in at a local audio store. The specialize in speakers and amps. Just looking around for an amp to go with the kicker speakers I purchased. Well don't you know the nitwit told me that the speakers for the bike are 6.25 and they have a great pair. He then tried to sell me an amp that would work gr8 with them. Now, since we all now know the speakers that fit are 5.25 I let him go on. Mind you he didn't offer to take the cover off verify is visual assumption. So I asked, for the 6.25 speakers and amp, how much.... Wait for it.... $750 and he could do it right now for me!!!! Uh, I don't think so!

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  • If I'm being honest, the dude was really an ass

  • When I bought the same ones at best buy the guy told me they sell the same to people for boats and bikes he's the one that told me about the amp I will posting more in it

  • The dude where I was must have thought I was a sucker.

  • Or because I am a woman he thought he could get over. Nitwit

  • Crazy

  • I dont run an amp. Run the fusion amplified marine stereo with i pod docking. And Built in sirius interface module. And four 5.25 marine jbl. With two 4 in clarion in back. i dont care what speed im running i hear it plain as day

  • OK.... So which speakers do I need to go buy?

  • Night view

  • The only thing is we have stock batwings on the deluxe we are up grading

  • Art, I sure like the night view!