Hello everyone. I m looking for the best place to buy custom parts for my bike


Hello everyone! I'm looking for the best place to buy custom parts for my bike. I want to change out all my lights or light bulbs with LED's and add a new front light bar with spot lights. I also want to add a blinking brake light. Küryakyn says they don't make lights for my bike. Please help, thank you.

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  • Lionel, I just got a triple whammy from Kuryakyn on mine, they are made for Yamaha, the red bulbs are incandescent, but I'm sure you can change them to red LED if you want. Also, the LED passing lights from Yamaha are great.

  • Just purchased all LED for rear, the turn lights are very bright. However I bought red 1157 for tail light and not much brighter then stock.

  • Clara Ruth Patiño Cáceres OEM Yamaha LED Lights? Where do you get your parts?

  • Jeff Owens Where did you buy your lights?

  • I put in a flashing led brake light from Kisan, but then I found www.hyperlites.com Now you hardly see the brake light. Here is a link to a you tube of those lights. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKTo4q88y88

  • On amazon, the rear light is an 1157 bulb. The turn signals are 1156. The Kuryakyn triple whammy works just fine on the deluxe. My buddy just put one on his 2014, and mine just came in yesturday so will be installing this weekend. Super easy install.

    If you don't need the running licht conversion you can buy a bulb from super bright LED that has a built in flasher for $20.00. I decided to change mine because I wanted the running lights I get with the triple whammy.

  • The dealer ordered for me and I got them to install the lights, before I picked up the bike.

  • Thanks everyone I appreciate it. Don Hamon those lights are sweet!

  • Give Custom Dynamics a look. That's what they do. Light systems for bikes. It's where I got my rear light kit. Not a bad price. Easy to install. They are driving lights. Brake lights. And turn signals all in one. They also have the "strobing" type if you prefer.

  • Thank you