Hello experts


Hello experts

Little canadian boy here needs help/advise lol

Anybody running a second battery in an ar192?

Second battery for purpose of speakers/radio,light system (to be installed after battery/power figured out)

Whats a good battery to use? Like a yellow top or kinetic? Orr

Thanks for help

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  • Im tryina help out dad for his boat cuz hes gonna modify it in middle east and ship it back to canada

  • The dual bank promariner20 is the charger that will do both batteries. And you will need 2 deep cycle batteries

  • Can i keep the original battery too? Ok thanks i read about the charging system so have better idea now

  • You can keep the original battery as long as you get another battery the same or slightly more CCAS as the original.

  • Ok cool thanks! Ill forward the information

  • Just wondering how you planned to ship it...I dont think it will fit in a shipping container unless put in at an angle...plus I would think that the shipping costs would be expensive ...Why not just sell it there and use the money you were going to pay for shipping to upgrade it?....just wondering...also, Karl Banfield, what are the 2 small wires shown off C and - on STBD Battery?

  • Shipping is only about $1500...and we got a really good deal on it, no need to sell it we want a 242 but meh rather have the smaller boat and pair of jet skis, the shipping is sideways in container or under deck, upgrades in canada are expensive as shit, the boat is already paid for too

  • They are your main ground and positive wires going boat components or stereo system if you have any

  • Ahhhh