Hello Forum


Hello Forum:

Maybe is an old question but I have Two:

1. Which air intake system will provide more leg room

a. Low and Mean Dual Barrel air intake

b. K&N Air Intake

2. Foam system (LowMean) versus Oil Cotton Fabric (K&N)

Thanks - Newbie

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  • I personally think the Vance & Hines V02 intake gives the most room

    But out of the two you have chosen the K&N is the better quality intake and would probably offer the most legroom

  • K&N is a great quality piece. It's smaller than the stock air box. However, I'm positive that there are smaller options. My leg still bumps up against the K&N.

  • K&N is very good.

  • Leg Room = SS Custom Cycle's "Billy Bob" filter.

  • Thanks EveryOne... Good Ideas and Tips...