Hello from France


Hello from France

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  • Hello from France too, I'm french. ^_^

  • I from indonesia

  • ah ah on parle anglais entre francais!!! V du 56

  • Ah, je suis un peux en dessous. V du 85. ;)

  • Scusez nous les bilingues

  • Tu es déjà plus loin. x)

  • Bruxelles les gars!!

  • Vraiment loin la. x)

  • Hello from Germany. :)

  • Yo les français ahah 88 v

  • Norway!

  • Right, I think we need to arrange a trip to France lol.

  • Way ahead of you. Went there in July :p

  • Billy Collins Was that on an R125? How was it? How many miles in total? I really fancy it as I seriously need a holiday but would need to be ridiculously cheap right now!!

  • Yeah, R125. It was actually June, not July. Ended up doing 700 miles in 36 hours and only filled up 3 times

  • Awesome! Have u passed your test or do u know what the law is with riding in France on CBT? I'm 25 so have EU cover on my insurance but not sure if my license would allow it.

  • I've got my A1 license as I'm 18. You'll need to pass your test to do it legally. The people I went with were on CBTs but didn't get pulled so they were fine. Up to you to decide if it's worth the risk.

  • It's worth it if you don't get caught ;) It is absolutely incredible to ride in France and Belgium through the Summer though highly recommend