Hello Gentlemen Any of you ever experienced weird tach issues when it s...


Hello Gentlemen, Any of you ever experienced weird tach issues when it's bouncing all over the place or (recently) it just drops down to zero and stays there most of the time? Any common faults? I guess I gotta check all the connectors as it's all electrical, right? Thanks ahead for your help!

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  • I'll do that, thanks!

  • Also, check the tachometer needle isn't slipping on its shaft. My speedo did exactly the same as your tacho and then stopped altogether - turned out a tiny drop of superglue was needed!

  • Had this once. the Connector of the Tacho unit was loose. So check that too!

  • Wow, I hope that's the case. Thanks!

  • Will do that, thank you!

  • And I mean a tiny drop - you don't want it running down the shaft and locking the shaft up. I speak from experience!

  • Gotcha! Is it fairly easy to get to the needle?

  • Fairly easy. Remove the instrument binnacle, on the back there are several screws. You'll need to take most of them out, but not all (I think 4 or 5, round the perimeter - be warned some are hidden under bits of foam or 'inside' the mounting arm thing). Then the front and back halves should seperate, and you have access to the needle.

  • Awesome, thanks buddy!

  • Checked all these but no luck..

  • How about a pinched wire?

  • Checked the wires as well. I'm not even sure where it picks up the signal actually..

  • It picks up the signal at the point where the drive shaft is attached to the engine. That is why I wrote to check the middle drive shaft. Which you probably didn't, otherwise you would know where the pick-up is. Sometimes, the middle drive shaft breaks at the point of washer plate 25, causing the yoke and ring 23 to hit and destroy the pick-up. A broken shaft is an exception, but causes exactly the symptoms you describe.

  • I did have a peek as I pulled the dust rubber off but did not see the pick up point. I guess I need to have a close thorough look, then! Thanks.